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I'm a reader, writer, and coffee enthusiast. I personally enjoy a good venti iced caramel macchiato from time to time. The pseudonym I write under stands for the first two initials of my real name and my grandmothers maiden name. I'm mildly, or extremely, obsessed with flamingos - however you want to look at it - as well as books. I am a professional reviewer and beta reader. My love for reading stemmed from an unconventional beginning. Although my grandmother is a natural born bookworm, I was a late bloomer in that sense. After I failed English and went to summer school, I decided to get my act together. The rest is history. I made a noticeable effort to better my writing junior year of high school and proceeded to get A's in all of my English and Humanities courses senior year. I am currently a sophomore at a wonderful university, living in a small town. Hopefully I will return to the city within a few years for further schooling or work i.e. a job in the publishing industry.

If you have any questions or comments, please visit my Contact Me page where you will find both of the emails I constantly check and my social media information.

Hungover Fiction Lover Side Note
I made this website because I love reading and writing. I won't tolerate any rude comments towards me or anyone else on my blog. I do however welcome: open mindedness, friendly discussion, anyone who wants to talk, and a variety of opinions as long as they remain respectful.

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